THE TIMES is a forum for young composers.

What is THE TIMES?

In THE TIMES, young composers (aged 10-20) have their compositions performed by the professional musicians of HERMESensemble.

During rehearsals, participants experiment with sounds. They develop their personal style and craftsmanship. Each participant receives individual training from a coach (professional composer).

The icing on the cake? The final concert at AMUZ (Antwerp). A professional video recording of this concert will be made. This allows the young composers to build their portfolio.

THE TIMES is a production of HERMESensemble, AMUZ and De Veerman. In collaboration with Musica Impulscentrum, Centre Henri Pousseur and Matrix[Centrum voor Nieuwe Muziek]. With the support of the Flemish Community and Sabam.


Because young composers want to get their music played. And preferably by professional musicians.

Because young composers need to experiment. This is why THE TIMES is not a competition but a forum. Every participant gets the chance to learn and evolve over time.

Because few young people compose, THE TIMES encourages just that fledgling musical talent and connects them with each other.

THE TIMES is unique. There is no other initiative in Flanders where young composers work together so intensively with professionals and work towards a finished composition.


All information on how to register can be found here.

As it is impossible to perform all music scores, a professional jury selects all entries. The selection is done in defined age categories: 10-13 years, 14-17 years, 18-20 years. Besides quality of compositions, the jury prefers compositions that are challenging for the ensemble.

Are you not selected? Then you can still attend rehearsals and get individual feedback from a coach. That way, you might be selected in a next edition. All young interested people who (want to) compose are welcome to attend the rehearsals.